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TravelOne provides turn-key solutions designed to automate your operations and allows effective scale up of your business. TravelOne focus is to bring plug and play solutions to partners to increase sales with superior supplier connectivities and bring competitive global offerings. TravelOne is an independent booking & distribution platform. With cutting edge distribution capabilities we help partners across the globe market their services and inventory via TravelOne’s ecosystem.

B2C White Label

TravelOne’s dynamic voucher system allows automated promotion of your products through any or all of your preferred digital channels which allows greater customer reach. Flexibility in this system can also allow you to commoditise the entire suite of hotel services, packages or products  with full transparency and control. TA Network’s voucher system may also be applied to help commoditise other peripheral hotel amenities for example spas/lounges, or repurposed for sales via B2C channels and for voucher redemption across B2C portals.

Optimise & automate your business processes with our turn-key solution on a white label framework. Focus on your core competencies & build lasting customer relationships while we support you to bridge to existing and new distribution channels.

Loyalty Commerce

TravelOne provides data driven customer engagement and loyalty commerce solutions that increases revenue and drive revenue generating actions across your partnering channels.


Cross Border Payments

Enjoy significant savings in cross border transfer & FX rates with our Payment Hub service – gives you access to multiple online payment & VCC services


Certified Channel Manager Solutions

We are certified by leading

and key channel managers - SiteMinder, DerbySoft, RateGain etc. Let us do the automation & mapping while you focus on growing your client base. Other benefits include managing all channel connectivities from a singular dashboard


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B2B2C System

At TravelOne, we are trusted by our affiliate partners to streamline & automate their business processes with turn-key solutions. We automate and grow your tour operations allowing you to focus on the need of your clients.


Hospitality Solutions

TravelOne’s integrated hospitality solution highlights our firm principles in establishing channels between wholesalers and our hotel partners. With TravelOne’s direct booking services, we connect partners across the globe via instant access to best rates and promotional deals for your leisure and business travel needs.

Voucher Management System
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